Sponsor/Exhibitor Prospectus

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FLANP Annual Conference

Pharmacology and Skills Update 2019

March 9th and 10th, 2019

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

The Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (FLANP) is honored to invite you to connect with the 400 Nurse Practitioners (NPs) expected to be in attendance at the 2019 Pharmacology and Skills Update Conference.

Our Audience

NPs in attendance will be from all over the state of Florida.  They are expected to traverse all population-foci across primary and acute care settings and will be employed or business owners.  Practice settings may include, but are not limited to: private, public, underserved, corporate, intensive care, sub-acute care, emergency care, ambulatory, home care, urgent care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitative facilities.

Your Opportunity

The FLANP annual conference offers four unique ways to connect with the 400 diverse NPs expected to be in attendance.  Participants may:

  • Sponsor
  • Exhibit
  • Host a Product Theater
  • Advertise

Action Required

FLANP is looking forward to partnering with you in 2019!  We encourage participant choice of one – or all – of the available options to connect with NP conference attendees.  Please note that space and specific opportunity is limited. Previous exhibitors and sponsors are expected to return. Registration of new and previous participants will be accepted on a first-come/first-serve basis and at discretion of conference chairs based on details, rules and regulations that follow in this prospectus.


Participating as a sponsor provides opportunity to achieve a high profile with attendees, exhibit and advertise at the conference. Categories and benefits include:

Bronze ($1,999)

  • One standard 6’ x 30” space in Exhibit Hall (value $1,349)
  • Sponsor Name* listed in Conference Program Manual
  • Sponsor Logo* and Sponsor Hyperlink* displayed on Conference Website

Silver ($2,999)

  • One standard 6’ x 30” space in Exhibit Hall (value $1,349)
  • Sponsor Name* listed in Conference Program Manual
  • Sponsor Logo* and Sponsor Hyperlink* displayed on Conference Website
  • Sponsor ½-page Advertisement* displayed in Conference Program Manual

Gold ($3,999)

  • Two standard 6’ x 30” spaces or enhanced space in Exhibit Hall (value $2,698)
  • Sponsor Name* listed in Conference Program Manual
  • Sponsor Logo* and Sponsor Hyperlink* displayed on Conference Website
  • Sponsor full-page Advertisement* displayed in Conference Program Manual
  • Sponsor name* displayed on banner in conference room
  • One Sponsor Item/Advertisement** added to attendee conference bag (value $500)
  • Two dedicated Sponsor Email Advertisements* sent to registered attendees at two weeks and one week prior to conference

Diamond ($4,999)

  • Two standard 6’ x 30” spaces or enhanced space in Exhibit Hall (value $2,698)
  • Sponsor Name* listed in Conference Program Manual
  • Sponsor Logo* and Sponsor Hyperlink* displayed on Conference Website
  • Sponsor full-page Advertisement* displayed in Conference Program Manual.
  • Sponsor name* displayed on banner in conference room
  • Two Sponsor Items/Advertisements** added to attendee conference bag (value $1,000)
  • Three dedicated Sponsor Email Advertisements* sent to registered attendees at three weeks, two weeks, and one week prior to conference

*Specifics on Sponsor Name, Logo, Hyperlink, Items, and Advertisements should be sent to conference chairs (FLANPconference2019@gmail.com) immediately following registration and no later than January 15, 2019. 

Register and make payment for sponsor package at FLANPconference.org.


Conference exhibitors will have unparalleled opportunity for individual contact with NP attendees in a separate hall where all food and beverage service will occur. The conference exhibit schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday, March 9th

9:30 am – 10:30 am           Exhibitor set-up

11:00 am – 12:30 pm         Exhibit Hall Grand Opening

2:45 pm – 3:15 pm             Snack with exhibitors

6:00 pm – 6:30 pm             Last call with exhibitors for the day

  • Sunday, March 10th

6:30 am – 7:30 am             Breakfast with exhibitors

9:30 am – 10:00 am           Coffee with exhibitors

10:30 am – 12:30 pm         Exhibitor dismantle

Exhibit Space Specifics:

  • One 6’ by 30” draped table
  • 2 chairs
  • Black and white signage with company name
  • Exhibit confined to occupying space of one table and two chairs
  • Extra tables may not be brought in and set up by exhibitors.
  • Additional space or tables for your exhibit may be available for additional fees. All requests can be made to the conference chairs (flanpconference2019@gmail.com).
  • Electric, labor, storage, Internet, etc. may be available for additional fees. All requests can be made to the conference chairs (flanpconference2019@gmail.com).

Exhibit Space Fees:

  • For Profit Organizations: $1,349
  • Non-Profit Organizations: $1,049

Register and make payment for exhibit space at FLANPconference.org.

Host a Product Theater

Nurse Practitioner conference attendees love product theaters! Product theater hosts may limit the number of NP attendees or open the presentation to the 400 expected.

Product theater opportunity includes:

  • Breakfast Saturday March 9th
  • Dinner Saturday March 9th
  • Lunch Sunday March 10th

Conference chairs will assist product theater hosts to make arrangements for space, food and beverage service, and AV equipment with the venue.  All costs associated with hosting the product theater will be the responsibility of the host of the product theater. The conference website will include advertising and registration for all product theaters. 

Hosts of product theaters will be required to register as a sponsor or exhibitor or make like donation to FLANP.  

Email conference chairs at FLANPconference2019@gmail.com to discuss opportunity to host a product theater.


Advertising in conference bags is an excellent opportunity to get your message into the hands of each NP attendee. Items/Advertisements must be bundled or generally seen as a single piece or packet.  Each lot of 425 of a single item will incur a $500 handling fee.  

Examples of past items our attendees appreciated include:

  • Water bottles
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Stethoscope identifiers
  • Gum/candy/mints
  • Pens/ Highlighters
  • Notepads
  • Company/product brochures
  • Journal article related to product
  • Advertising inserts (must be bundled as one item)
  • Coffee cups
  • Surprise us!

Items/Advertisements must be mailed to 25551 Arundel Way, Sorrento, Fl, 32776 by January 15, 2019. Verification of receipt can be made with conference chairs at FLANPconference2019@gmail.com

Register and make payment for advertisements at FLANPconference.org.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Rules and Regulations


In keeping with the expected professional demeanor of the conference, all exhibitors/sponsors, their agents, and employees are subject to the terms of agreement between the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (FLANP) and/or Barkley & Associates, Inc. and the Orlando Renaissance at SeaWorld.  Such applies to all aspects regarding exhibit hall usage, including moving in and dismantling.  All exhibiting/sponsoring companies must also abide by local, state, and federal statutes, rules, regulations, and ordnances.  

All products, services, devices, and intentions of each exhibitor/sponsor must directly relate to the needs of NPs attending the conference, including application to hospitals/medical centers, offices, clinics, educational interests, career opportunities, and personal needs.   

As the primary sponsors of the conference, no exhibitors/sponsors products or services shall be either directly or indirectly competitive with the products and services of FLANP and/or Barkley & Associates, Inc. in any way.  Further, all exhibitor/sponsor applications must be approved by FLANP and/or Barkley & Associates, Inc., and the company/organization reserves the right to deny any exhibit/sponsor application for any reason, at any time, at their sole discretion.

Questions regarding exhibitor/sponsor eligibility can be made to conference chairs (FLANPconference2019@gmail.com).

Use of the Barkley & Associates, Inc. or FLANP Logo and Website

The Barkley & Associates, Inc. logo, as well as the company’s website, www.NPcourses.com, is the copyrighted property of Barkley & Associates, Inc.  The FLANP logo, as well as the organization’s website, http://www.flanp.org, and www.flanpconference.org are the copyrighted property of FLANP.  As such, use of either of the sponsors’ logos or websites in any way (e.g., marketing, advertising, promotional publications, etc.) is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from Barkley & Associates, Inc. and FLANP.

Exhibitor Space Fees, Assignment, and General Policies

Designees of FLANP will assign exhibitor space on a first-come, first-served basis at time of check-in.  Every effort will be made to assign space based on the preference of the exhibitor and space availability.  

Space will not be secured until FLANP receives payment and approves the Exhibitor.  Exhibitor registration and payment can be accessed at www.flanpconference.org.  Exhibitors will be expected to stay within the confines of the space they reserved (i.e. one table and two chairs).  

Exhibitors may not sublet or transfer space to another exhibitor in part or total.  Sharing of a space may only be permitted for divisions within the same company or institution.

All exhibitor representatives, including guests, must wear the official exhibitor badge for admission and at all times while in the exhibit hall.  Company badges are not accepted in lieu of wearing the official exhibitor badge.  Exhibitors desiring to attend the conference must register for the conference.

All booths must be staffed at all times during exhibit hours, including the final close of the exhibit hall.  Early dismantling is not allowed and will impact the ability to exhibit at future Barkley & Associates, Inc.- and FLANP-sponsored conferences.

Exhibitor Cancellations and Refunds

No refunds will be granted. 

Meeting Attendee List

Registered exhibitors at the FLANP Annual Conference 2019 will receive a digital copy of the attendee list via email immediately following the conclusion of the conference.  The list will provide the names and email addresses of all attendees.  Exhibitors who are also sponsors will have the opportunity for one or more email blasts sent by FLANP to registered conference attendees (see sponsor packages).

Insurance and Liability

Each exhibiting company understands that it is their responsibility to maintain adequate insurance coverage against personal injuries, as well as any damage or loss of the exhibitor’s property or hotel’s property as a result of exhibiting at the conference.  To the maximum extent permitted by law, all exhibiting companies agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Barkley & Associates, Inc., FLANP, conference co-chairs, the conference hotel/conference center, and any employees or representatives harmless against any and all damages, claims (including personal), and expenses (including attorney and/or court fees) as a result of exhibiting at the conference.


The Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (FLANP) will provide limited security around the exhibit hall perimeter beginning with the move-in date and throughout the days and times of the conference.  Additional security needs are the responsibility of the exhibitor.  Exhibitors agree that Barkley & Associates, Inc. and FLANP’s employees, their representatives, the conference site, hotel, or any others assume no responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen property of the exhibitor.  Exhibitors understand that adequate insurance for such claims is the responsibility of the exhibiting company.

Additional items for booth decoration other than those supplied by FLANP, as well as all needs regarding shipment, move in, and dismantling must be contracted with the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld.  Instructions regarding shipments and additional services available through the venue will be emailed to exhibitors and sponsors upon receiving payment for the space.  Specific inquires can be made to the conference chairs (FLANPconference2019@gmail.com).


Food and Beverage

Exhibitors may provide additional food and nonalcoholic beverages to attendees at their booth, if purchased through the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, and if the FLANP gives prior written approval.

Distribution of Advertising Materials

Distribution of advertising materials or any other materials by an exhibitor or non-exhibitor outside of the exhibitor’s rented space is prohibited.  Such includes all other parts of the exhibit hall, meeting rooms, the hotel, and conference center.

FDA Regulations

Exhibitors must abide by all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and requirements.  Such FDA regulations include both approved, experimental, off label, and non-approved drugs, devices or products.  The exhibiting company exclusively assumes all liability and costs for any FDA-related sanctions, including any charges against Barkley & Associates, Inc. for violations.


Children, with the exception of nursing infants, are not allowed in the exhibit hall.

Force Majeure

In the unlikely event of cancellation of the exhibition or unavailability of the exhibit space due to acts of nature, strikes, war, acts of terrorism, governmental action, acts of God, fire, labor disputes, or any other occurrence over which Barkley & Associates, Inc. and FLANP has no control, the agreement shall terminate, and the exhibitor shall be limited to the refund of the exhibit space rental fee.

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